Taking the usual way to work, doing the shopping or bringing the kids to school or kindergarten – no big deal for most people. But if you are wealthy, influential or a VIP normal activities like these and habits can become a major security issue. Suddenly, you and your family can easily become a target for criminals. As reliable partner at your side we will design after a thorough danger and risk analysis a custom-made VIP Security Service that will cover all your needs. We will be happy to advise you in all security issues. 

Our VIP Security Services at a glance:

  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Conducting a threat analysis and identification of the hazard level
  • Creation of an individual security concept
  • Competent help in case of an emergency
  • Operative realisation of your individual security concept 
  • Personal security for you and your family
    • with special security measures for your children
    • designed to meet your needs and requirements
    • absolutely discreet
    • if requested also armed available
    • can, of course, be combined with our chauffeur service with special protected security vehicles 
  • Full consulting for security and alarm equipment
  • Consulting and support from the start for Safe and Panic Rooms
  • Observations
  • Security trainings for you and your family
    • Special trainings of behaviour for your children
    • Information management: Training for a safe use of the internet and social networks
  • Advice on the topic “Kidnapping” – starting from avoiding attacks to talking through the operative processes that will take place in case of an emergency

You feel unsafe – what to do? Risk and threat analysis made by experts

You know that the time to contact an expert has come, when you feel unsafe. In case you contact us, we will conduct – in close cooperation with you – a threat analysis and identify the current hazard level. In the next step we will create a catalogue of measures which can go from individual personal security to the coordination of specialized security service providers. With our VIP Security Services we make sure that you get exactly the extent of security and guarding that perfectly matches your needs, so that you can feel safe again – no more and no less. Very often, training the whole family thoroughly can be enough to restore the feeling of safety in everyday life. 

Assessing dangers, risks and potential threats correctly – Our trainings

As versed Security Service Provider we think that it is most important that you firstly develop a good assessment of risks and dangers. On the one hand we want to avoid by training you to assess the situations you are in correctly that you feel threatened all the time and cannot live your life. On the other hand we want to sensitize you for risks and dangers you may not even recognize in everyday life. As you see: It’s all about the right assessment. Especially concerning the privacy, there are – according to our experience – many pitfalls and stumbling blocks. Imagine you meticulously control every information you put online but your child is looking forward to your vacations that it not only put the destination but also the date of departure on Facebook. Which information on you and your family are available on the Internet essentially affects the access possibilities of criminals. In our training course we will gladly show you and your family how you can stay active on social networks without creating security breaches. Of course, the same applies to real life – we give you tips on how you can noticeably reduce the the danger potential in everyday life and train you on corresponding behaviour. Additionally, we show and practise with you the correct behaviour in case of an emergency like attacks, attempted kidnappings or blackmailing. Make use of our expertise and feel safe again – every day!

Family Security – Custom-made Personal Security & VIP Security 

Your family surely is – besides your own health – the highest good for you. That is why granting an optimal family security is so important. Due to our broad range of VIP Security Services we can grant you a security concept made to fit your needs and requirements perfectly. Our personal protection measures can be booked for single events as well as holistic, long-term solution:

  • Number and type of bodyguards:
    • Single bodyguard or team
    • Male or female
    • Armed or unarmed
  • Determination of an individual timeframe:
    • Personal Security for a single event
    • Personal Security for a certain time (e.g. during a congress etc.)
    • 24/7 Personal Security
  • Planning of travelling routes
  • Chauffeur Service in specially protected security vehicles
  • Special Security Services for your children

As you can see, we can offer you every degree of security you may wish for and with which you can feel safe and comfortable again. Just contact us and we will go through every detail with you. 

Technology – The right equipment for an optimal security management

To know how to behave in order to avoid dangers and risks and how to react in case of an emergency is a first important factor for your personal security. A second factor can be, if needed, the employment of bodyguards. But as a third factor, one should keep security technology and equipment in mind. We gladly help and consult you in terms of security and alarm technology as well as of panic and safe rooms. Today, giving criminals a hard time getting to you, your family or your assets is due to current security equipment no problem, but reduces your security risk drastically. Besides the fact that we advise you regardless of manufacturers we can also offer you to connect your alarm systems to our 24/7 operating emergency call center – in case of an emergency our VIP security staff members will take all necessary actions in order to protect you, your family and your assets. This way, help is coming fast. Let us show you our VIP Security Services – so that safety becomes a matter of fact again. 

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