Property Protection

Security is a priceless good – especially in a world in which many areas of life seem to become more and more complex. Unfortunately, life proofs us that there is no absolute safety. But there are effective ways and aids for everyone who wants to protect oneself and one’s properties from infringements like burglary, theft, vandalism or dangers from fire, water or technical malfunctions. One frequently used option is the assignment of a private security company for the property protection. On behalf of the customer corporate buildings and estates (please also see our detailed information on Factory Security Service) or private persons can be subject of a close surveillance – on request 24/7. A highly responsible job which requires special qualifications. 

If you are looking for a reliable and competent partner for security issues in Hannover and its region, you are absolutely right with us. Since many years we offer security services on the highest level. The property protection is one of our core competencies and as CCI certified apprenticing company for the apprenticeship “Specialist for Protection and Security” we have an extensive pool of highly motivated and excellently qualified employees. On the scene – Your property protection by Schmalstieg

Make the right decision – for sure

When choosing a suitable security service trust is the crucial criteria. In fact, to hire a security service means to entrust the own belongings – at least temporarily – to strangers. As experienced security service we know exactly how sensitive this is. 

All our employees are well-qualified, trained in First Aid and the usage of a defibrillator. With persistent training sessions in social skills, behaviour in dangerous situations and the appropriate use of self-protection devices we ensure that our staff members of the security service are optimally prepared for their duties. This way we can grant a reliable and secure property protection at all times. 

We can promise you: You can rely every day and every night on the reliability and discretion of our employees in the property protection, especially in case of an emergency. The equipment of our team, from protective clothing to technical equipment, are always kept at the state of the are. Depending on the property that has to be protected the standard equipment of our security guards can be amongst other things professional protective clothing, walkie-talkies and a suitable arming for the current danger and risk potential. Furthermore, we can offer you if required the installation of further security equipment like high-definition digital CCTV (Closed Circuit TV). Of course, all installed surveillance equipment can be maintained by us permanently or we can train your employees to maintain the equipment correctly. 

Our main priority for property protection is to identify possible threats and to minimize them as much as possible. Even though our employees are ready to react quickly, stay calm and swiftly make the right decisions in the event of a problem in order to protect your property, we believe that prevention is the key to successful property protection.

Our property protection – keeping safe what is precious to you

Whether cottage or boat hire, a park or a private estate: we offer you an individually designed security concept for all kinds of property protection. Of course, we are ready to meet all your requirements regarding the timeframe of our assignment: no matter if you would like to hire us for occasional patrols on your grounds or rather a 24/7 surveillance for your properties – we will be at your service.

From the uncomplicated patrol to the ingenious building observation with high-tech equipment, we will spare no efforts to ensure your safety. We stay alert so you can relax. 

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