In Germany only high ranking politicians will get personal security from the government. All private persons, from influential managers to stars, have to take care for their safety on their own account. Therefore, private persons have to rely in potentially dangerous situations on the competency and reliability of private security service companies. Our bodyguards are respectable and well-trained professionals – of which many had joined the forces – who are practising their sometimes dangerous job very conscientiously.   

The Schmalstieg GmbH Security Services are offering amongst other security services also personal security. As a first step, we will draw up a threat analysis for you on the basis of all relevant information. As a second step, we will design a security concept that will cover all areas of life. Finally, we will provide you with as many security employees as necessary to cover the possible threats at hand and to keep you safe. For a short time, on a one-time event or also permanently. At every hour of the day. And on travels as well. To protect you from harm is our passion – because this job can only be done with dedication.

Our services

  • Creation of a threat analysis and ascertainment of the hazard level
  • Drawing up an individual security concept
  • Coordination of the time planning according to your requirements
  • Selection of bodyguards: single or team, male or female, armed or unarmed – we will find what suits you right.
  • Planning of travelling routes
  • Chauffeur Service in specially protected security vehicles
  • Special security services for your children

Our employees at Schmalstieg GmbH Sicherheitsdienste are trained on the weapon – we also cover personal security in dangerous situations.

Identifying dangers – preventing threats

Usually, bodyguards are hired before a specific threat arises as a preventive security measure in order to grant the general safety of the client at all times. Enjoying a public event or taking a flight – what is no problem at all for the average citizen can be a real challenge for a public figure. Because a person that cannot walk incognito through the streets cannot rely on the safety of anonymity whilst in public. This makes affected persons vulnerable and turns them into a target for possible infringements. And one does not have to be a star to be in that situation. IN the past especially high ranking representatives from industry and businesses have been targets of blackmailing, kidnapping or assaults. But everyone, even normal persons with no public impact whatsoever, can suddenly need personal security, for example when they are stalked and threatened. Often, the danger is rather vague what inflicts a great insecurity in daily life on the affected persons. And the many debates on security of the past few years have even increased this insecurity for many people. The personal security can help to regain the feeling of security and safety as sometimes the mere presence of bodyguards can be comforting. Our employees know exactly about this aspect of their daily work as they have profound psychological knowledge. Besides the professional qualification and all trainings that go with it like close combat techniques or responsible weapon use, we check all our applicants for suitable personal qualities as working a bodyguard is probably one of the most sensitive jobs in world. In fact, bodyguards work in the privacy of their client. It goes without saying that trust and absolute loyalty are the number-one priority.

Weapons are only used in extreme emergencies. Personal security is often about prevention 

Personal security is always individual 

Fear of kidnapping, sabotage by criminals, infringements of fanatic fans or mentally unstable lone operator – even if the threats bodyguards have to face may be resembling, no assignment is like the other. Everyone is different and, therefore, reacts differently on situations. That is the reason why a bodyguard not only has to assess the hazard level correctly but also the behaviour and reactions of the person he has to protect. Easy said, this is only possible when the bodyguard (we employ both male and female bodyguards) when the bodyguard is close to the client – while granting that the private life is not violated. At Schmalstieg we have a very important rule: as close as necessary, as loose as possible. Our employees will stay in the background until they are needed in the front row. 

Choosing the right methods 

Just as individual as the reasons for hiring a personal security the choice of the right methods should be. A single bodyguard, a team, a male or better a female, just showing presence or armed bodyguards? You see, there is a lot to decide. 

The main task of our bodyguards is to identify dangers and threats for you and the ones you love right in their origins, for example espionage attempts or preparations for an assassination, in order to avert the danger and to initiate countermeasures. Nevertheless, our employees – armed or unarmed – are ready to protect you and your life in case of an emergency and get you as soon as possible out of danger. Should you face serious threats an assignment of armed bodyguards may be sensible. Beside the fact that all our bodyguards have a responsible handling of weapons you can be sure that no one will notice the arming – not even and especially not your children. Above that, we can offer you additionally to the personal security a chauffeur service with a specially protected security vehicle. Our cars are not only looking good and offer the highest level of comfort, they can withstand different attacks up to multiple hits of a Kalashnikov. Our drivers are also qualified bodyguards and are trained to get you out of the situation as soon as possible. You can relax on your ways, as you can forget your worries and all possible threats – we will keep you safe. And giving you the possibility to live your life without fear is our best motivation. 

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