There are a lot of things to think of when events like streets festivals, music events, fairs, gala evenings or sport events are planned and carried out. A very important aspect during the planning and coordination of such an event should be the subject of event security, especially as organizers are responsible for all safety issues related to the event. 

When the planning phase starts, one of the main priorities should be to have a suitable concept for the event security at hand that meets your requirements. And of course to have a professional partner who can cover all safety relevant issues and questions that may and probably will arise.  

As we are a certified security service company in compliance to DIN 77200, we and our specially trained and qualified employees can offer you in and around Hannover an extensive range of services for event security. From the start, we will plan in close cooperation with you, your event team and the responsible police station all processes of your event. Firstly, we make a proper inspection of the showground and create a detailed safety concept. Furthermore, we take care of the establishing of emergency escape and rescue routes – of course, strictly observing all legal regulations. 

We offer you custom-made complete packages for the security of events of all scales. For example: 

  • Security for trade fairs and public exhibitions (including admission control and, if required, putting bodyguards for VIPs on stand-by)
  • Security for information days of retailers and on-the-scene-coordination of the event processes
  • Event security for district and street festivals
  • Event security for music festivals and other open air events (including special security for VIP areas and provision of bodyguards)
  • Security services and admission controls at sport events and concerts
  • Security services and admission controls for one-time indoor events, e.g. gala evenings, election-day party or awards
  • Security for private events like weddings or anniversaries 

We know: We will have a lot to do securing a larger event. And we do it with pleasure, so you can take care of your tasks as organizer. Our concept for the event security: You take care for the things that are to happen, we take care that nothing else happens. 

Protecting your privacy is a major priority. That is security in Hannover. 

The best event security is the one that no one notices 

The security of the event has to be granted before, while and after the event – no matter whether the event is celebrated in a ballroom with invited guests only or an open air event with a high number of visitors. Especially in case something unexpected happens. Our staff of the event security is trained to react optimally in exactly these unexpected situations: of course everyone of our employees is trained in First Aid, knows how to operate a defibrillator professionally, and how to react in critical situations when, for example, guests are endangered or threatened. De-escalation is our first aim. You can rely on the tact of our security guards as well as on the fact that most of your guests will not even notice we are there. Because we stay discreetly in the background as long as everything runs smoothly. We know that the main factor to a successful event are guests that feel welcomed and relaxed. And for sure, feeling like there would be a permanent threat will not help people relax.  Therefore, a good event security service means for us to grant you and your guests security and safety while making sure that no one feels watched. The social skills of our employees are therefore as important as their professional qualifications for us. Friendliness towards guests and organizers, perfect manners and a well-groomed appearance are rounding our event security staff off.

And should one or several of your guests, VIPs or politicians for example, need special protection during the event, we will happily provide you with professional and discreet bodyguards (please see Personal Security for detailed information). In our opinion guests should be able enjoy the event and not worry about their safety. That is business for experts like us.

With us your event is always on the safe side 

Hannover is used to have big events: Hannover-Messe, sport events all through the year, concerts and of course political events as Hannover is a state capital city of Lower Saxony are regular events in Hannover. Of course, during the summertime several music festivals of different scales are taking place in the region as well as the more and more popular street and district festivals in Hannover City. We gladly help keeping Hannover as lively and colorful as it is by securing the events that make Hannover special.

Also, Hannoverian retailers happily use the possibility to present their goods to customers out of business hours by showing them on information days. Legally, on information days no sales staff is allowed to be on the showgrounds. Therefore, is it very important to have a reliable event security on the scene that will make sure that everything runs smoothly and exactly the way the organizers are wanting it. A lot to do for the professional event security service – and we love to do it. 

Our services are available for: