Factory Security Service

Probably only a few would still think of a lonesome night guard patrolling the closed factory site and checking doors when factory security service is mentioned. Today, businesses are facing a rather complicated framework: while the workflows in many business sectors are increasingly automated, the legal and economic conditions are getting more and more complex every day.  Taking this into account, entrepreneurs are facing also new challenges regarding security issues. 

In order to effectively protect the premises, production processes and employees from dangers and damages one needs a carefully designed security concept – and a strong partner in terms of security services. Everyone at Schmalstieg Sicherheitsdienste GmbH knows exactly about the delicate security situation in modern, high technology companies and the resultant increased requirements for the factory security service. As CCI certified apprenticing company for the apprenticeship “Specialist for Protection and Security” we are always at the leading edge in terms of security issues. And of course, our employees put this enhanced knowledge to good use – every day at their work on your premises. Profit from competence and our many years of experience of security management in the area of Hannover and its region!

On your behalf we will perform amongst other things 24 / 7 following tasks for the security of your company and your employees: 

  • Carrying out access controls for corporate buildings and industrial plants
  • Vehicle inspections at the gate and check of delivery notes and freight (please contact us for detailed information on our reception and porter service)
  • Regular patrols – also accompanied by specially educated guard dogs – on the entire company premises; with focus control on specially sensitive areas
  • Closing service and night duty
  • Preventive fire protection
  • Monitoring of automated production processes
  • Occupation of the security control center
  • Operation and maintenance of the alarm systems

Ready at all times

Factory Security Service means Prevention

Burglary , theft, sabotage, a technical defect or a hacker attack – there are many kinds of danger that can harm a company seriously. The main task of our employees in the factory security service is to avert dangerous situations as soon as possible or to avoid them ideally before they arise. The operation area of our factory security service strongly depends on the circumstances of the company: how large is the factory site that has to be protected and how complex are the running operations? To assess the circumstances correctly and define exactly what security measures should be taken to protect your premises and factory site as best as possible is a task, which we at Schmalstieg are happy to face with our experienced and highly qualified employees every day. 

We are ready for the emergency. In case of especially endangered properties we can offer armed security.

Factory Security Service means Responsibility

Should –  in spite of all taken prevention measures – a dangerous situation arise, the security guard is usually the first person on the scene. A quick but prudent course of action is now crucial in order to assess the situation correctly, to take the right measures and, therefore, to be able to avoid damages or at least to limit them. In such a case, the security agent will deputize for the entrepreneur and will have to make use of the domiciliary rights if necessary. Our staff members are not only educated in the prudent usage of weapons in an emergency, they are also psychologically trained and conversant with all measures of First Aid. Also in case of a fire, a flooding or other damages our trained personnel knows what to do and can support the fire department and other local emergency services effectively.  

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